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The community of Indians in Oman includes Indian expatriates in Oman, as well as Omani citizens of Indian origin or descent. Although Indian migration to Oman is apparently for the purpose of spreading their commercial activities and mutually sharing the profits, their mutual good relations are believed to have existed as early as the 7th century. It was however, in 15th century since when the Indian merchants had started undertaking commercial activities in Muscat in a quite systematic manner. The Indian community then consisted essentially of traders and financiers from Kutch and Sindh. It was during the 19th century that some Khojas reached there, and who are presently well-integrated in Oman; some of them hold even ministerial positions. A few Indian families, which have been living in Oman since many centuries, have developed their enterprises into the colossal business houses.
Admittedly, the settlement of the Indian migrants in Oman has become possible only because of Omani government's liberal policy in granting its citizenship to foreign nationals. It is conceivably the only Arab country in Arabian Peninsula, which has taken such dynamic initiative, which has proved to be enormously beneficial to them in many respects. Any person irrespective of his religion or race, who has completed at least 20 years in Oman, is treated as eligible to apply for its citizenship.
Knanaya Catholic Congress of Oman is an organization of Knanaya Catholics in Oman. As an oil rich country, Oman attracted many Indians including knananites to find a better living. The spirit of knanaya unity and the thirst for togetherness led to the formation of knanaya association in Oman (KCC-Oman) on 7th October 1993. It is a non-profitable organization of approximately 500 people consisting of two hundred Knanaya Catholic families and 50 bachelors spreading all over Oman. There is an independent KCC unit in Salalah which is a unique place in Oman around 1000 km away from Muscat. Over the years, Knananites have become an integral part of the Omani society and active members of the Catholic Church. KCC-Oman conducts regular prayer meetings at church premise of St.Peter & Paul Church at Ruwi on first Friday of every month. It also maintains a charity fund and has contributed generously to the needs of our diocese on various occasions. K.M.Jose, Kunnamkuzkel was the first president of KCC-Oman. Later Mr. M.M. John, Mr.Mathew Abraham Makil, Mr. P.T. Jose,Parasseril, Mr. Tomy Mathew Kalladanthiyil, Mr. Shibu Punnose, James Mekkattel, Dr. E. A. Thomas, Mr. Tomy Pulpra and Josekutty John were elected as the presidents successively. The following people were the honorable secretaries of KCC-Oman: Mr. Gigimon Kuzhivelil, P.C. Thomas Poothara,, K.C.Jose Kavanal, Tomy Mathew Kalladanthiyil, George Thomas, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Molly Peter, Mr. Joshy Abraham, Mr. Shantu K. Joseph , Joseph Chalamadam, Sally Jose, Shaji K Joseph and V.K. Mathew. KCC-Oman acknowledges with a sense of pride the visit of honorable Bishops like Mar. Mathew Moolakkattu, the Arch Bishop of Kottayam, Mar. –Abraham Viruthikulangara, the Arch Bishop of Nagpur, Mar. Joseph Pandarasseril, the auxiliary Bishop of Kottayam, which nurtured and strengthened our spiritual growth and the unity of our community. Finally, the hoisting of the knanaya website is a fulfillment of an ever cherished dream since the commencement of the association.



Bishop Of Miao, Arunachal Pradesh was the Chife Guest and BISHOP MAR PAUL HINDER, Vicar Apostolic in the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia Guest Honour were Present for the SiIlver Jubilee Celebrations .The Celebration Was Held On The 26th Of January 2018 At Ruwi Church Parish Hall, after the Solemn Holy Mass By Rev.Mar George Palliparambil 3.00PM at Sts.Peter & Paul Church, Ruwi.
Every Month - First Friday
Ruwi Church - 6.30 pm
Upcoming Events
5th April 2019 Friday - Children’s Picnic & One Day Workshop
Monday Thursdy – On 18th April 2019 after the eveving mass at ruwi church at president’s residance Easter get-together – Scheduled on
Friday 10th May 2019, 6.30PM at Golden Oasis Hotel Wadi Kabir.
KCC ME – Children’s Annual Summer cap will be held on 8,9 &10th July 2019 at Chaithanaya, Carithas –Kottayaym.