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Knanaya Catholic Congress of Oman is an organization representing Knanaya people living in Oman. Like other expatriates in Oman, knananites came here to find a living after the discovery of oil in the Arabian Gulf. Like in other countries, nursing jobs brought many of our people here in the beginning and later there was a great demand for other professionals like teachers, doctors, engineers etc. Our people made use of these opportunities and started coming in large numbers in 1980s and 90s. In the beginning of 1990s, our people felt the need of forming a Knanaya Association to bring all Knanaya families under one roof. As a result, the first meeting of KCC-Oman was conducted in Muscat on 7th October 1993 and it was inaugurated by K.M.Jose, Kunnamkuzhkel who was later elected as the first president of KCC-Oman. Later Mr. M.M. John, Mr.Mathew Abraham Makil, Mr. P.T. Jose,Parasseril, Mr. Tomy Mathew Kalladanthiyil, Mr. Shibu Punnose, James Mekkattil, Dr. E. A. Thomas, Mr. Tomy Pulpara and Josekutty John were elected as the presidents successively. The following people were the secretaries of KCC-Oman: Mr. Gigimon Kuzhivelil, P.C. Thomas Poothara,, K.C.Jose Kavanal, Tomy Mathew, Kalladanthiyil, George Thomas, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Molly Peter, Mr. Joshy Abraham, Mr. Shantu K. Joseph.and Joseph Chalamadam, Sally Jose, Shaji k Joseph and V.K. Mathew. KCC-Oman is a non-profitable organization of approximately 500 people consisting of two hundred Knanaya Catholic families and 50 bachelors spreading all over Oman. There is an independent KCC unit in Salalah which is a unique place in Oman around 1000 km away from Muscat. Over the years, Knananites have become an integral part of the Omani society and active members of the Catholic Church. There are regular prayer meeting at church premise of St.Peter & Paul Church at Ruwi on first Friday of every month. KCC-Oman maintains a charity fund and has contributed generously to the needs of our diocese on various occasions. Other proud achievements of the KCC-Oman are bringing our honorable Bishops to Oman like Mar. Mathew Moolakkattu, the Arch Bishop of Kottayam, Mar. –Abraham Viruthikulangara, the Bishop of Nagpur Mar. Joseph Pandarasseril, the auxiliary Bishop of Kottayam. and publishing of this website in 2012 .